First things thing, my name is Tina Chow but better known as @fitchickscook on IG. I work for a bank as my day job and meal prepping & fitness, along with health and wellness, are personal hobbies / interests of mine. This blog is a place for me to share my fitness journey, my homemade recipes and maybe a little personal blogging here and there, too. I am definitely not a fitness professional or diet guru and I don’t claim to know it all either.

Here is a little bit about me personally.  I was born in Vietnam but from a family of Chinese descent. I eventually came to Canada when I was 12 and, thankfully, I have a natural ability to pick up languages quickly! I can speak five different Asian languages (Vietnamese, 3 dialects of Chinese and Cambodian). I live happily with my boyfriend in our new home in Burlington (45 minutes outside of Toronto).

In terms of my fitness hobbies, I’m not a conventional gym person. I hate the treadmill and I  am not a “let’s go lift weights bro!” type of person.  I really enjoy group / class styles of exercise and I used to train in Muay Thai kickboxing (not competitively) and stopped because of a injury. But I’ve recently joined a Crossfit gym and I’m loving it! I also practice hot yoga as a way to stretch and relax. My boyfriend and I tried SUP (stand up paddle boarding) last summer and we fell in love with it! We ended up buying two new boards and can’t wait to be SUPing again this summer on the lake.

Hope you enjoy this blog! Please feel free to contact me with any questions / comments….or to give me feedback!

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