I have Candida – Part 1

I have Candida.

When my naturopath told me that… I was like Candiwhahh? What is this?

I’ve since learned that candida is a yeast overgrowth in your gut. To read more about what it is and symptoms of this, I’ve attached these links for you below:

An Introduction to Candida

Candida Symptoms

All of this was triggered due to my acne. My acne was getting worse and I couldn’t understand why. I was eating clean and healthy for the most part. I sleep well, and I exercise often. So I decided to go visit my conventional doctor to get my hormones level checked. When my blood work came back stating that I was in “pristine” health and nothing was wrong with me, not even my hormone levels, I knew something was missing and being overlooked. One of my friends messaged me recommending for me to go see a naturopath since she had great success when she did so. To be honest, at first I was a bit skeptical because I always thought Naturopaths were more or less a “voodoo” doctor. Boy, was I wrong!

My first consultation with my naturopath was 90 minutes long. She asked me everything about my health holistically. From energy level, diet, exercise, water intake, menstrual cycle, quality of sleep, even how often I poop and what it looked like! Like really? The lists of questions goes on and on and it felt like forever. My sleep patterns seemed to be good and my diet and activity & exercise levels were also on the right track. When it came to my skin issues, my naturopath recommended I do a food sensitivity test because the acne on my face seems to be in areas where the cause is often food related (around my mouth area). Although my diet is super clean, I could still be eating foods that I’m unknowingly intolerant towards or causing inflammation and thus affecting my skin.

So I went home and thought about it. The food sensitivity test costs $400 and it’s barely covered under my insurance coverage. I read up and researched a bit more about this test and asked a friend who did it. This friend highly recommended it because of the knowledge she gained from the results. So I decided to put down the money and go ahead with it. I decided that my health is worth it to me. Next step was booking an appointment at a blood lab to draw blood that is then sent off for testing for 200 types of foods.

There are many types of food sensitivity tests, but the one I did was called IgG Food Sensivity Test through Rocky Mountain Analytical 

IgG Food Sensitivity Test

The wait for the results felt like forever, but it was only about two weeks. Finally when the results came in I booked an appointment to see my naturopath and go over the results. As I sat down in her office, she started with “You won’t like me today.” I thought… uh oh!

And that’s how I found out about candida. This diagnosis was mainly due to the skyrocketing yeast levels from my food sensitivity report. In addition to that, I’ve also experienced some of the symptoms of candida like fatigue, a bit of oral thrush, bloating and gas and acne. I also learned from the report that I was highly intolerant to egg whites, peas, beans, corn, barley and figs. I was borderline intolerant to milk, wheat, almonds, egg yolks, sunflower seeds, and potatoes.

Great… what can I eat now? No eggs? Great… I eat eggs everyday!!!

What now?

So here is my plan over the next 6 weeks:

  1. Follow a candida-busting diet that is similar to the paleo diet. Protein, healthy fats and lots of veggies while staying away from foods that I’m intolerant towards to avoid any inflammation that they may cause.
  2. Take anti-fungal supplements such as garlic, oregano oil, and grape seed extract and lots of probiotics  that should help me kill the yeast overgrowth in my gut.
  3. Eliminate all yeast related foods (baked food) and foods that yeast love to feast on like sugar, vinegars, molds and fermented foods.

So what’s left to eat?

Since I am intolerant to dairy products and eggs, what is left to eat? Lots in fact!! I am eternally optimistic and I believe that’s the only way you can tackle a problem like this. My next 6 weeks will mainly consist of lots of vegetables, protein and good fats (avocados and healthy oils). I have to minimize my starchy vegetables like sweet potatoes, beets, carrots, and squashes due to the sugar found in them that can feed the candida. 

I will be documenting my journey in beating candida! Candida is actually more common than you might know. Many people have it and not even know it. I will also share some before and after photos of my skin conditions to see if there are any improvements. Check my Instagram feed to see how I’ll be changing my diet to beat candida!

Be well!


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  1. Wow, I can relate so much! Been struggeling with acne for 1,5 year now. It came after I quit my birth control, and didn’t go away since then. I went to see an orthomolecular therapist, and found that I was intolerant to eggs, gluten, nuts and casein (which is in almost all dairy). The diet is very tough, because you can’t substitute your bread with dairy or eggs, but I hope it’s worth it! Gonna follow you! Are you taking any supplements also?

    1. fitchickscook says:

      Hi Nora! Thanks for your note. Yes, I am taking a candida cleanse supplement along with probiotics. Thanks for your follow 🙂

  2. Morgan Long Beach, CA says:

    Glad to see people are talking about Candida more and more. Its been tough trying to find people with similar struggles. Out of nowhere I started getting CHRONIC yeast infections about 8 months ago…. GAH its awful!!! Chest acne, itchy ears, memory loss….its been a nightmare. With all the antibiotics Ive taken throughout my life and antacids, its seriously destroyed my mucosal lining in my tummy…..Let me just say western medicine has done nothing to help me except give me more medication. I’m through with all of it…I did some research and found the Candida Diet; i’m going to be starting this week. Crossing my fingers I can stick to the rigorous diet plan. I wish I could get that blood work done to see what I’m allergic too.!?!?!?!? Thanks for blogging about it!


    1. fitchickscook says:

      Good luck on our journey! You can do it! It’s not so bad 🙂

  3. Edlira says:

    I’ve been sceptical about seeing a naturopath but after reading this I’m convinced. Love your blog. And “firchickscook”? So catchy:) You dont just cook. You do it all. You’re such an inspiration

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