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Top 10 Meal Prep Tips from IG Meal Preppers!

So it’s the week after Thanksgiving and you’re probably thinking what’s the point of starting a new “diet” now, because there’s Christmas and all of the holiday eating. I might as well wait until after the New Year to start a new diet as my resolution, right? Well, like anything else, eating clean is not a diet – it’s a lifestyle that you have to be to willing to adopt for it to last. Well I’ve got something here to help start this new and healthy lifestyle and get on the right path by gathering the top 10 tips from some of the meal prep gurus of Instagram! Happy Meal Prepping friends! If you are planning to start your journey now to make this lifestyle change then read these tips because it will help! 

1. Invest in pre-mixed low sodium seasonings

Having to figure out the exact herbs and spices can add a whole other layer to your meal prep. Having some go-to seasonings like Everything Spicy & Garlic Lovers seasoning by @Flavorgod can take some of the guesswork out of flavoring your food. Plus, just by switching up the seasoning alone you can make it feel like a whole new recipe! Amanda @MeowMeix

2. Always prep/buy based on what is on SALE

Fruits and veggies on sale are usually the ones that are in season which means they are fresh and full of flavor. This tip is key especially if you’re shopping for a large household on a budget! Marek  @MarekFitness

3. Add colors and variety!

If meal prepping is about eating healthy then we should consider having variations every week instead of cooking the same ingredients all the time! Each food has its own nutrients and benefits. Challenge yourself every week by cooking different ingredients with different colors. Keep things fresh by also utilizing different cooking techniques. – Pelin @fitwomeneat

4. It’s not always ALL or NOTHING

You can still save loads of time without prepping every single thing. If prepping whole meals seems a bit overwhelming – start small. Choose just one or two items to prep ahead of time, and finish the rest on the fly. For example, you could pre-chop and store your veggies, or decide to just cook your meal’s protein ahead of time. Meal prepping doesn’t have to be “all or nothing” – this piece-meal approach will still save you lots of kitchen time without the need to cook and contain everything in one marathon session! -Trina @paleo_newbie_recipes

5. Don’t overbuy groceries!

The key to a successful meal prep day is by planning ahead starting with what kind of recipes you want to use, what ingredients you’ll need and then creating a grocery list of what you’ll need to purchase. This way, you only buy foods you need so this will prevent you from wasting food or throwing out groceries that’s gone bad. -Nikki

6. Prep what you like!

Prep what you like & add some variety. This is the best way to stay consistent! If you don’t like what you’re eating it’s really hard to stay on track. I love doing buffet preps since you don’t have to eat the exact same thing every meal and you are less likely to get bored with your food. I also find it quicker to prep this way.  -Liza @ljadeparker

7. Multi-tasking for efficiency

Plan your recipes in advance and figure out what can be cooked at the same time, especially when it comes to the oven. I roast a multitude of veggies while also baking chicken or other meats simultaneously, which allows me to multitask and be efficient! -Shannon @caligirlgetsfit

8. Create a Routine!

When I’m ready to cook, I have a routine I’ve found works best for me. I always cook my grains first, then prep all the veggies I’ll need in my recipes. Then I bake/roast any protein and veggies before actually cooking the remainder of my dishes on the stovetop. I’ve found that this routine saves me the most time and energy! -Jessica @fitnessfitjess

9. Schedule a time to prep!

Set an ‘appointment’ with yourself in your phone/calendar just like you would a doctors appointment to make yourself commit to getting it done. You wouldn’t cancel on the doctor because you know it’s important to your health to get a check up. Don’t cancel your meal prep appointment because this time is just as important to your long term health. Nick @mealpreponfleek

10. Planning Ahead

When planning your meals, make sure each meal includes a balance of lean protein, carbohydrates (starch), and vegetable.  One suggestion is, 2-3 days before your meal prep day, email yourself a list of meals that you will want to eat the next week.  When you go shopping, just buy for those meals.  This will save you money in the store because you won’t be overrun with impulse buys. Sarah @fitchick428

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