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How I Stayed on Track on an All Inclusive Vacation!

All inclusive vacations used to be a love/hate relationship thing for me because I would always come home about 7-10 pounds heavier! However, this time I didn’t gain a pound and here’s how I did it!

1. Eating at the Resort: 


For almost the entire week, I had a two-egg omelette with veggies and fruit, and a serving of bacon on some days. I also asked the chef to not add any vegetable oil onto my omelette (and let’s not start talking about how bad vegetable oils are for you).


My lunches and dinners almost looked the same, usually it’s with some kind of protein (meat or fish) and lots of steamed or raw vegetables.

If you noticed, most of my meals were high in protein and somewhat high in fat and lower in carbs.

2. Dining Out:

Although we stayed at an all inclusive, we also dined out a couple of nights just to see what the local eats are like. We love exploring local restaurants and seeing what each country has to offer. When dining out, listen to your body and don’t over order. I literally had just 3 tacos with some chips and guacamole and was so satisfied!

3. Don’t Forget To Keep Moving:

When you’re staying at an all-inclusive resort, it’s very easy to eat, drink, lay on the beach and sleep all day! We kept our vacation pretty active. Although our gym was small and had only treadmills and dumb bells, I got really creative and made some killer workouts. We would always begin our day with a morning workout that usually took about an hour to complete. We actually worked out 5 out of the 7 days there, and the other two days did a lot of active recovery like hiking and walking. I averaged over 10k steps a day! That’s more than what I do at home.

4. Enjoy but don’t over indulge!

The problem with buffets and all-inclusive vacations is that you can easily over eat without really trying because everything is just there all ready for you. So it takes discipline and also being mindful of how much food you’ve already eaten. At the end of the day, over eating to me is just not a good feeling so I avoid it as much as possible.

But I also didn’t restrict myself! I also enjoyed a small piece of cheesecake every other day, and had a couple of drinks here and there. Just remember that it’s ok to enjoy your desserts, have a slice, not the entire plate just because it’s available!

5. Don’t Drink Your Calories!

Another tip is when you’re ordering drinks or even a smoothie, don’t forget to ask what they put in them. It’s ok to customize your drinks. I’m one of those annoying people that asks for very customized drinks. lol. I had a pina colada with just pineapple, coconut cream, water and ice instead of the original which had added sugar, milk and yogurt!

Side note, it probably also helps that I am allergic to alcohol so water, sprinkling water and coconut water were my main sources of liquids during this trip! If you enjoy your booze, then just be mindful of empty calories in alcohol.  If you are going to have some, choose drinks lower in sugar like a Mojito, or even soda with vodka as opposed to mixed cocktails like “Miami Vice” or “Strawberry Daiquiri”.

If you guys found this helpful, share it with your friends and leave me a comment below!



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